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Structural Design

We design pre-engineered steel buildings, and offer you a number of advantages over conventional construction techniques. Steel buildings are inexpensive and incredibly tough. Our bolt together design is assembled quickly without any specialized skills. Each rigid frame is comprised of two or more columns supporting a rafter across the width of the building. In most steel buildings, endwall bearing frames support one-half of the load of a rigid "main" frame. In most situations, we utilize the more economical "bearing" end frames.

Adding an expandable endwall or rigid frame is only a click away. We allow you to choose the endwall condition of your building. Depending on design considerations, our endwall rafters and columns may be either hot-rolled or cold-formed.

The space between the rigid frames of a steel building is referred to as a "bay". In the illustration bellow, an 80' long building has been divided into four 20' bays by spacing the frames 20' apart (4x20'=80'). This configuration is described as "four bays at 20." A 100' building could be configured with four bays at 25 (4x25'=100')

Additional Structural Design Data


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