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Janus Steel Doors by Duro Buildings


Janus Self-Storage Doors

Series 650 Self Storage Door

The Janus International Series 650 self storage door is the door leader in the self storage industry. Our door has been designed and manufactured to give self storage facility owners a high amount of value, as the 650 door is extremely durable and requires virtually no maintenance. Janus doors provide long term savings that it brings when installation, maintenance, and replacement costs.

Each door provides a three year workmanship and material warranty. Additionally, a 40 year film integrity and a 25 year no-fade policy.

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Series 750 Certified Wind Load Self Storage Door

Janus International has achieved windload certification with the Series 750 Roll Up Door. The Series 750 Certified Wind Load Self Storage Door was designed to meet stringent windload requirements for mini warehouse applications while still providing the best door operation in the industry. The innovative door design has minimized the locking and reinforcement needed to strengthen the door to pass rigorous windload testing.

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Series 850 Miami-Dade Certified Wind Load Self Storage Door

Janus International offers a windload certification series of roll up doors that specifically meets Miami-Dade County requirements.

NOA 08-1204.04
FL#12765.9 (to 8′-8″ wide)

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Janus Swing Doors


Janus International swing doors are an economical alternative to roll up doors when headroom space is at a premium.

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Janus Commercial Doors

Model 1000 / 1000i

The Janus International Model 1000 commercial door is easy to install and provides tremendous value.

Many components are pre-assembled and are made of high quality materials. Brackets, gears, chains, and a tensioner are all in place which makes this door a solid investment for commercial or industrial usage.

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Model 1100 / 1100i

The Janus International Model 1100 series is a great economical investment for commercial usage. Complete with pre-assembled brackets and tensioner, the Model 1100 door is easy to install and will last for years.

Wind load rated and able to withstand strong forces, the Model 1100 door is ideal for coastal locations or in areas that receive extreme weather.

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Model 1950 / 1950i

The Janus International Model 1950 commercial door elevates industry standards. Our door is manufactured with a 26 gauge corrugated door curtain, which is coated with Super Durable polyester paint.

This paint comes with a 40 year film and a 25 year no-fade limited warranty. The Model 1950 series features innovative components that make it more versatile, flexible and easier to install and service in a variety of field applications.

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Model 1950 Heavy Duty / 1950 HD i

If you are seeking a heavy duty commercial door, the Model 1950 HD is the perfect fit for your needs. Our Model 1950 HD utilizes a 9 ˝” drum wheel and is manufactured for frequent use.

The door comes with a one year limited warranty, which ensures that you will receive a quality product.

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Model 2000 / 2000i

The Model 2000 commercial sheet door is one of our highest selling doors. Sold with a one year warranty, it is built with superior materials that will provide individuals with years of service.

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Model 2500 / 2500i

The heavy duty Model 2500 door has become the standard of all commercial sheet doors. Backed by a one year warranty, we manufacturer each door with high quality materials that will last for years. The features and general specifications of the 2500 door make it versatile and easy to install.

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Model 3100 / 3100i

The Janus International 3100 series is our certified wind load rated model that has been manufactured to withstand strong wind forces. Independent laboratory testing has verified that the Model 3100 meets stringent building codes, while the included one year warranty ensures its quality.

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Model 3400 / 3400i

The Model 3400 series has been specifically engineered for Miami-Dade County, Florida. With an ability to withstand high winds, the door meets Miami-Dade County’s stringent building codes. The door is also easy to install and uses a 12” drum wheel.

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Model 3652 / 3652i

Our Model 3652 series door is built to perform in some of the most adverse weather conditions. Manufactured to withstand strong wind forces, the Model 3652 meets stringent Florida building codes and will last for years with virtually no maintenance. Quick installation and easy operation makes the door user friendly, while Super Durable polyester paint makes each door look stunning.

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Relocatable Storage Systems

Movable Additional Storage Structures (MASS)

Generate Additional Profit from Your Idle Land!

If you have the following, Janus International has the perfect solution:

  • Unused corner lot or easement
  • Underutilized property
  • Sloping land available, yet not suitable for permanent construction

When every inch counts in maximizing your rentable space, you can’t afford to let an irregular lot size go unused. Relocatable storage units/MASS (Movable Additional Storage Structures) by Janus International allows you to generate additional profit from your idle land.

These movable external storage solutions allow you to add more storage units without costly or unattainable construction processes. MASS units are constructed from the same durable components as traditional storage units, so the common rusting and leakage issues often found with portable containers is a problem of the past. MASS units are designed to aesthetically fit into your current storage footprint, and their drive-up convenience may also demand higher rental rates. Many local governments classify MASS units as equipment, so you may be able to bypass lengthy permitting processes, too.

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