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I-Beam Style Buildings

Whether it's a warehouse, multiple car garage or storage for your RV or boat, truck or bus garage, barn for livestock or crop and fertilizer storage an industrial or commercial complex, indoor tennis complex with pro shop and restaurant. Retail or office space or even an aircraft hanger.

With a name like ours, it's obvious that excellence in manufacturing and customer service are the company's highest priorities. After years of pre-engineered steel building experience, our professionals have become obsessed with producing only the highest quality, most durable products at the lowest prices in the industry.

Here is why our steel buildings are recognized as the highest quality yet most affordable on the market today. They are designed by the best engineering professionals and produced by the most skilled people in the U.S. produced by utilizing only the most sophisticated computer-aided manufacturing equipment available. Their unique design requires less labor to manufacture. Operating costs associated with pre-engineered steel buildings are the lowest possible.

We offer a wide range of colors to meet most any need. View Our Color Chart Here!

International Reach with Local Service

As a world leader in I-Beam Buildings, we can ship to most any location WORLD WIDE. We are licensed in all 50 States and can provide both English as well as Metric Plans. All plans meet wet seal requirements. Duro Buildings is also A660 Certified. We have the breadth and depth of experience worldwide that has made Duro one of the most respected companies in the I-Beam Building market.

Building Features

Framed Openings

Just about every steel building has at least one framed opening. It is not unusual for buildings to have several openings. Most openings are created for an overhead door, but can be used for the installation of glass fronts or other entries. Most other online sellers offer "field located" framed openings, which require cutting and fabricating on the job site. DB always provides factory-located openings unless your project requires something otherwise.

Connection Clips

Specially fabricated clips are designed to securely connect structural components. Many companies supply only blank plates that must be cut, drilled and/or welded to components before assembly can begin. In some cases it may require many hours of work to connect required clips. DB details and supplies each clip and placement to every building. We factory weld all clips onto rigid frames and guarantee the correct placement of all component connections. Don't waste your time and money attaching clips that should have been factory located.

Structural Bracing

Most buildings less than 60' have sufficient diaphragm action or "panel shear" that provides all the bracing needed to stabilize the building. In some cases of high winds, seismic or snow loads may cause more stress than panel shear can handle, so additional reinforcement may be required. In these extreme cases we will employ the use of X bracing to reinforce the frame. In situations where X bracing cannot be used a wind column is an excellent addition to strengthen a vertical rigid frame column. A portal frame is sometimes used in extreme load circumstances. Portal frames are fairly expensive and only necessary in rare circumstances.

Our Self-Storage Buildings


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